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Domestic Cleaning Services

We Specialise In Domestic Cleaning Across South Wales

House cleaning is a responsible task, that you should give only to trusted company with well referenced work experience. That is why grime and shine is very proud of many references that we got from our customers, that show that our work is appreciated and is of very high standards. Using us to clean your home will save you a lot of time and energy.

Having sparkling clean bathroom is essential! This is the place where you can relax after long day and forget all your worries. We will make it spotless clean for you!

Our duties include: clean, sanitise and deodorise showers, baths, sinks, vanities and toilets. We will also clean mirrors and polish chrome. At the end we will vacuum and wash the floor.

All Rooms
We will dust windows and doors ledges, picture frames, ceiling frame, lamps, furniture, shelves and baseboards. Removing cobwebs and vacuuming carpets is also required. We will vacuum and mop hard-surface floors as well as empty the bins

Our duties are to clean all major appliances from outside, counters, cabinets, table and chairs dotted. We will also wash and sanitise the sink. Cleaning microwave oven inside and out is also included. The job will be completed with vacuuming and washing the floor.

Benefits of Using Grime and Shine Cleaning Services

  • Competitive pricing
  • Great quality of service
  • Flexibility of hours
  • Emergency Cleaning available if you have tenants moving in shortly
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